Martin Bitzinger
CTO, Comdasys AG

“Comdasys AG has the pleasure of looking back on a 7 year relationship with Stratatech Group. Stratatech has helped us find our market entry in a very difficult and closed market environment and grow the customer base ever since. Their industry knowledge, market understanding and customer centric approach has helped us to become what we are today.”

Samuel Guenette
Director PLM, Media5 Corporation

“For more than 10 years, Stefano Genoni has served Media5 in a very exceptional manner. With a great understanding of the technology, Stefano combines unique skills in listening to customer needs and customer relationship. Stefano was able to sustain a successful closing rate over 80% on all M5T product line opportunities, which is unusual in our industry. Thank you Stefano!”

Philippe Babin
General Manager, Media5

“Media5 Corporation has been enjoying the StrataTech Group relationship since almost 15 years… The guys are capable to develop long lasting customer partnerships, even for strategic customers. They work around the clock and really understand our market.  Our customers are pleased with the support and see them as ours…”

Florian Bock
Managing Director, ESTOS GmbH

“ESTOS and Stratatech Group are cooperating successfully in the area of business development – especially on an international scale. Stratatech Group has a broad and excellent network to all relevant key players in the field of PBX and telecommunications as well as deep expertise in communication software.”

Thabang Mashologu
Senior Manager Unified Communications Marketing
MTS Allstream

“StrataTech Group facilitated the negotiation of a strategic supply
relationship between MTS Allstream and the German company Comdasys AG by successfully bridging European and North American business culture.”