Media5 SIP Client Engine and Media Engine licensed to InTouch Health to provide relatime voice and video communication services for its acute care telemedicine solutions.
Sherbrooke, Canada, May 9, 2013 – Media5 Corporation, a leading provider of IP-based multimedia communications solutions, today announced that it has licensed its SIP Client Engine and Media Engine technology to InTouch Health, the leader in acute care telemedicine solutions.

Steve Jordan, Executive Vice President of Research and Development for InTouch Health, said: “Media5 has the right technology at the right time. The M5T SCE with the integrated Media Engine increases the productivity of our development team, which translates to faster time-to-market.”

The M5T SIP Client Engine (SCE) is a complete SIP client implementation based on RFC 3261 and other IETF RFCs. It offers a suite of high-level C++ APIs that developers can use to integrate and customize SIP client functionalities into any type of device.

The M5T SCE with the integrated Media Engine option is a complete intergrated developer solution that solves SIP signaling and SDP negotiation details, allowing developers to focus on the user/device interface and management functionality. Media Management is fully abstracted, and includes SIP, SDP, RTP, RTCP, SRTP, Voice and Video Codecs.

Eric Tremblay, Product Manager for M5T, said: “We look forward to working with InTouch Health and their revolutionary telemedicine solutions. The M5T SCE with the pre-integrated M5T Media Engine is a perfect match for their voice and video requirements. The media engine supports both desktop and mobile platforms (iPhone/iOS/Android), while the M5T SCE is a solution for any type of device that needs voice or video communication support. The same SIP SDK can be used across a wide range of products.”

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About Media5 Corporation

Media5 Corporation is a global supplier of multimedia communications solutions for fixed and mobile service providers, unified communications services, and hosted communications services. The M5T technology has been licensed and deployed by the top telecom, PBX, and silicon/SoC manufacturers.

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About InTouch Health

InTouch Health is the leader in providing telemedicine solutions for high-acuity applications where doctors are required to take immediate clinical action. Its InTouch Telemedicine System is the industry’s only fully integrated end-to-end solution encompassing clinical data management, medical imaging, 24/7 technical support, clinical consulting services and the SureConnect® cloud-based infrastructure. By removing time and distance barriers, this System effectively enables physicians to perform real-time consults with hospital patients through a host of purpose-built telemedicine devices. Deployed on six continents, over 11% of all U.S. hospitals use the InTouch Telemedicine System. For more information, please visit