Only Smartphone Independent Mobile Unified Communications Vendor to support VoIP over 3G on BlackBerry devices

Munich, Germany, 9 September 2010 – Comdasys the global leading provider of mobile communications solutions for enterprises and service providers, today announced that its Mobile UC Client for BlackBerry now also supports VoIP over 3G/UMTS. The new Comdasys Mobile UC Client for BlackBerry can be deployed as part of Comdasys’ comprehensive Mobile Unified Communications Solutions.

“With this new development, Comdasys is expanding the choices available to enterprises and service providers. VoIP over 3G/UMTS will enable mobile users to save cost. It also enables the use of Femtocells in enterprises while maintaining the direct IP-PBX integration of mobile devices” , said Martin Bitzinger, CTO of Comdasys. “This latest addition closes the gap between our Mobile UC Clients on other platforms, such as Symbian and IPhone, where Comdasys is already supporting this feature”, he added.

With the Comdasys Mobile Unified Communications Solution smart phone become fully fledged enterprise IP-PBX extensions complementing and partially also replacing desktop phones. The Comdasys Mobile Convergence Solution also enables the use of the full suite of UC functionalities on mobile phones while empowering enterprises to control and reducing mobile communications cost through a sophisticated Mobile Least Cost Routing that Comdasys provides with its MC Client. The Comdasys MC Solution is easy to use and to deploy and comes with a client provisioning tools. The Comdasys MC Solution supports the largest variety of mobile handsets in the market, including Symbian, BlackBerry, Android and iPhone mobile devices.

Comdasys’ MC Solution earns great market recognition not only for the number of mobile devices and features supported but also for its security, reliability and scalability.

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