Marco Genoni, PhD, MSc.

Marco is the founder and managing partner of Stratatech Group. Before founding Stratatech Group Marco held CEO and senior executives roles within a multi-national holding setting as well as within the more entrepreneurial, self-contained and self-sufficient medium size enterprise. He repeatedly managed corporate turn aroundsand technological changes. Has solid exposure to the dynamics and requirements of different market sectors and to mergers and acquisitions. Marco received a PhD at the University of Basle and an MSc at the Swiss Institute of Technology in Zurich.


Stefano Genoni (USA, Canada, South America)

Stefano is focussing on establishing, negotiating and managing license and OEM relationships in North America and Europe. Before joining Stratatech Group, Stefano worked in Silicon Valley, in Canada and in Europe. He is a senior manager with significant international experience and intercultural sensitivity and has a strong team-building and interpersonal skills with all levels of management of large, medium and small companies. He holds an Engineering degree from McGill University (Montreal)